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Choosing the Right Sarnia Real Estate Agent When You Are a Buyer Over 50

The Sarnia Lambton area is a great place to live, work, play and retire. We have a strong economy, great cultural activities, first class health care facilities, 100 kilometres of trails and about the same amount of clean sandy beaches. Our real estate market is sound, with a lot of single family homes and condos for buyers to look at, think about and choose.

Choosing a new home is one thing, choosing the right Realtor to help you find it is another. Different people have different needs and different attitudes. It matters, when you are choosing your new home, to choose a Realtor who brings a lot of benefits to your search. You want someone who knows the area well and who is deeply involved in everything that is happening – because that is where you find a lot of good advice. You also want someone who already understands how, let’s say, the older generation thinks about things. And you want to choose a Realtor with an excellent track record.

Realtors, who are serious about working with the ‘over 50s’, take additional courses to achieve the Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation. These specialists know how to explore all the housing options available that will meet both your current housing needs and your long-term future needs.

You will be able to have detailed discussions, for example, about reverse mortgages as well as how you might want to use your pension or other savings in the real estate transaction. SRES Realtors are also familiar with schemes to avoid.

Your SRES Realtor will also discuss, what is known as, universal design features that you might want to include in your home search. These include such simple things as non-slip floors as well as increased home safety factors. It is good to know that you can get advice from an expert who will help you to plan far ahead. Your new home’s features can help you cope, for example, with limited mobility in the decades ahead.

Working with an SRES Realtor means you will be working with a specialist who has learned more about delivering the kind of advice, and offering the kind of professional support that most real estate agents don’t think about and that many over-50 home buyers don’t think about until, in some cases, it is years too late. If you would like to discuss your home-buying needs please contact us by clicking here. We look forward to being of service.

Tips From a Sarnia Home Sales Agent: Best Things to Do in the City

The City of Sarnia, Ontario is renowned for its unmatchable beauty and friendly residents. Despite its moderate size, Sarnia still has a distinct small-town feel. Sarnia’s affordability, healthy economy, and gorgeous natural surroundings make it a wonderful place to live. What’s more, there’s plenty to do for residents of Sarnia. Here are some tips from a Sarnia home sales agent for the best things to do in the city.

Take a Walk in Canatara Park

Nestled on the shores of Lake Huron, Canatara Park is fun for all ages. Whether going for a stroll, taking your bike to the BMX park, or lounging on Canatara Beach, there’s always something to do. There’s a band shell at the park too, so you can enjoy live music while you take in the lake views.

Peruse the Judith & Norman Alix Art Gallery

If you appreciate the finer things in life, head on over to the Judith & Norman Alix Art Gallery. The permanent collection features pieces that are integral to Canadian history, locally and nationally. Furthermore, the gallery offers rotating exhibitions of historical and contemporary works.

See The Sights on a Huron Lady Cruise

Want to feel the wind in your hair and see Sarnia from Lake Huron? Huron Lady Cruises offers a sightseeing tour that takes you up the St. Clair River and gives you a view of the Sarnia skyline from afar. You’ll pass under the two bridges that link Michigan to Ontario and cruise by the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse. Huron Lady also offers an array of specialty cruises and dinner cruises for an unforgettable adventure.

To learn more about the City of Sarnia, or view our real estate listings, please contact us.

Why live in the Sarnia area?

Are you looking for a home in Ontario? You probably have seen ads for homes in the Sarnia area. You might wonder what is appealing about this part of the country. Sarnia is a beautiful area that has a lot to offer.

Sarnia is a cultural hub. This area is vital to the arts movement in Southern Ontario. The Sarnia Orchestra is known throughout the area. They have received numerous awards, including one from the Detroit Music Awards in 2011. Several theatre groups operate in the area, and great actors will often grace the stage. In the Summer, the town hosts the Sarnia Bayfest, a massive music event. If you love culture, then you should buy a home in the Sarnia area.

Family is a crucial factor when buying a home. Your kids deserve the best schools. The Sarnia area features great schools. Several schools are highly rated, including Cathcart Boulevard and St. Anne. If you want your children exposed to excellent teaching, then Sarnia is a great option. Sarnia is an ideal area for families with children.

Price is the ultimate factor when purchasing a home. You cannot buy a home that you cannot afford. Fortunately, Sarnia has many affordable homes. The median home price is $184,000, lower than the national average. Owning a home is a long-term financial goal, and Sarnia features hundreds of affordable homes.

Sarnia is a beautiful area, and an excellent place to raise a family. To find the home of your dreams, you contact a Sarnia realty company. 

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Sarnia Real Estate Is Perfect For Families

Sarnia is a city rich in history and culture. A great place to raise a family, it also features good schools and quality family entertainment. If you’re considering purchasing Sarnia real estate and wondering what the area offers to local families, you’ve come to the right place.

Stones n’ Bones Museum

Located at 223 N. Christina Street, this 10,000 square foot museum offers two floors of fascinating exhibits. Filled with taxidermy animals and fossils, minerals and crystals, insects, butterflies and so much more, children of all ages (and adults, too!) can enjoy an afternoon spent touring the displays and visiting the gift shop at the Stones n’ Bones Museum.

Wawanosh Wetlands Conservation Area

Nestled away at 6011 Blackwell Sideroad in Sarnia, the Wawanosh Wetlands Conservation Area features a 2.5km nature trail for those families who enjoy hiking and nature walks. Admission is free and this public park is home to 220 species of birds, more than 700 types of plants, and a variety of fish, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals.

Highland Glen Conservation Area

On the shores of Lake Huron, the Highland Glen Conservation Area, 5046 Lakeshore Road, Plympton-Wyoming, offers a 600 meter beach and 26 acres of land to explore. A perfect spot for a free day trip, visitors can enjoy a picnic, beach swimming, boating, and fishing.

Imperial Theatre

A wide variety of entertaining live performances are found at the Imperial Theatre, 168 Christina Street North. This comfortable, 600-seat venue offers concerts, symphony orchestras, comedians, dancers, musicals, and plays. Visit their Events page for more information about upcoming events.

Sarnia Escape

Located in the Eastland Plaza, 260 Indian Road, Sarnia Escape offers four escape room adventures, a gluten-free bakery with a wide assortment of sweet treats and beverages, and a board game cafe that features more than 100 board games!

These are just a few highlights from a long list of family oriented activities you can enjoy while living in Sarnia. For more information about Sarnia and to begin the search for your family’s perfect home, contact us today.

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