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Sarnia Real Estate Outlook Good For 2016

Though all the “experts” boldly predicted a housing bubble burst in 2015, it turns out they were completely wrong. So, what do they do for 2016? They predict the housing bubble to burst in 2016 instead.  Though economic trends support a housing decline, the Windsor-Sarnia Economic Region continues its slow, but steady, recovery.  According to the 2016 Regional Economic Update for the region, the “region’s economy has been slowly and steadily recovering and is projected to create jobs over the next two years.” The report further states that “looking ahead, the outlook is positive for further gains in the housing market.”

This is great news for those looking to buy or sell a home in the Sarnia, Point Edward, Bright’s Grove, Corunna, Camlachie, or Wyoming areas.  And here is some more good news.  The mortgage rate outlook is promising as well.  According to Robert McLister, a mortgage planner at intelliMortgage, “since mortgage rates are so tied to inflation, there’s a good chance rates will stay rock bottom in 2016.”

With low mortgage rates and a steady economic outlook for the area, now is the time to buy or sell your home. Sarnia Realty is a RE/MAX agency in Sarnia. The agency serves the Sarnia area as well as Point Edward, Bright’s Grove, Corunna, Camlachie and Wyoming.  

2016 presents a rare opportunity for buyers “to shop around to find something that best suits their needs,” according to Gurinder Sandhu, executive vice president, RE/MAX Integra Ontario-Atlantic Canada region.  So now is the time to make your move. Your first step is to reach out to a real estate professional.  For more information on Sarnia real estate opportunities contact us today.

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