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Tips from Sarnia Home Sales: Four Life Stages Where Resale Value Matters

Here at Sarnia Home Sales, we know everyone wants to buy their forever home, but sometimes, life gets in the way. There are four life stages where buying for resale value, instead of your current lifestyle, is wise.

Growing Family: You may end up selling your first house for a home because you need a home with more bedrooms and bathrooms for your family.
Promotion or Job Changes: If a job change requires a move, you could end up buying a house another city or even another state. A quick sale will make a huge difference to being able to get a great start in a new home.
Aging Parents: If you end up needing to take care of parents later in life, you may need a house with a mother-in-law suite.
Retirement: Someday you’ll want to leave your children a house that is an asset, and that means it needs to be resellable.
To assist with your decision, here are four key resale value considerations:

Location: Is the neighborhood on the decline? Is the street outside noisy, with tons of traffic? If the environment the house is placed in makes you uncomfortable now, it will make other buyers uncomfortable later.
Bathrooms: You may only need one for the two of you, but a second full bathroom will make visitors more comfortable and improve resale value enormously.
Layouts/floor plans: Older houses have some really interesting floor plans, with chopped up hallways and rooms. If you’re not planning on modifying the layout with massive renovations, it’s worth considering whether it’s the right house for you. A floor plan that’s inconvenient for you will be harder to sell in the future.
Curb appeal: If you drive up, or look at it online, and don’t say “Wow,” but “What were they thinking?” it’s a good sign it might be a hard sell later. Don’t forget, though, that looking good from the outside will not make the inside better, so take that into consideration while you’re walking through.
More than anything, trust your instincts. If you have issues with it, a buyer down the road will, as well. Don’t forget, too, that buying for resale value doesn’t mean you have to sell. It just means, if you need to sell someday, you’ll be glad you kept it in mind.

Contact us at Sarnia Home Sales today–we can help you find the right home for your needs now, and your future need as well.

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