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Make Sure You Choose the Right Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home When You Are Over 50

You have lived in your Sarnia area home for many years. You love it, you love the area but now it is time to move on. You want a Realtor who not only has a good track record and who is associated with a premier real estate company but you also want a Sarnia Realtor who understands you. An excellent way of doing that is to choose a Realtor who has the SRES designation after their name.

SRES stands for Senior Real Estate Specialist. It is a designation awarded to very few Realtors and it brings with it a level of the understanding you do not normally find. An SRES Realtor has specific knowledge and experience of working with the senior community.

Many seniors have particular financial and emotional issues when it comes to selling and leaving their home – a home in which they will have created many beautiful memories. Your SRES Realtor will not only be well aware of those things but will develop a specific and customized approach to marketing your home. It will be designed to bring not just for the highest price the market will bear, but also to bring offers that meet the kind of terms and conditions that matter to you. One of those terms, of course, is timescale. You might want to sell and leave as soon as possible but you might not. What matters is that your SRES Realtor will be attuned to your preferences, and will work accordingly. Peace of mind is just as important as signing a listing agreement and getting a contract.

Part of bringing a home sale to a successful conclusion includes working with other professionals – home inspectors, movers, lawyers and others. Your Realtor can help you there, as well, to help keep everything simple and on track so you have less to think and worry about.

You might also want your Realtor to help you find a new home that will suit you for many more years. The SRES designation guarantees that looking for a new home will be just a careful and considerate for your specific needs and desires.

So, if you are looking for specialized help, please feel free to click here to contact us so we can begin our conversation.

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